Canada LMO Ad Requirements: What to Put in Job Ads

Canada LMO Job Ads

Attending to the micro-level details of what to include in your job advertisement to successfully meet Canada LMO requirements can be burdensome. If not done correctly, job ads can ultimately lead to delays or an outright LMO denial. Here are some tips to help Canadians employers adhere to the criteria required in a job posting. […]

Temporary Foreign Workers from South Africa to Canada

South Africa and Temporary Foreign Workers

Semi-skilled and skilled workers show interest in Canadian opportunities as temporary foreign workers due to South Africa’s high unemployment rate of 24%. In February, Diamond Global visited South Africa to hold a two day recruitment drive and expo for hiring temporary foreign workers to work in Canada. We had well over 2,500 people in attendance, […]

CNN Heroes selects Diamond president as a Hero

Diamond Global President and CNN Hero Video

Diamond Global president and founder Audrey Guth is recognized by CNN for her charitable work with Nanny Angel Network. On March 28, 2014, CNN Heroes named Diamond Global president Audrey Guth as an official CNN Hero for her ongoing work as a community leader. Audrey founded the Nanny Angel Network (NAN), a registered charity, to provide […]

Labour Market Opinion Application: Cost, Time, Money

Labour Market Opinion Application

Labour Market Opinion application costs include personnel, time and financial commitments Applying to the TFWP involves accounting for substantial labour market opinion application costs in people, labour time and fees. To be successful with the TFWP, at Diamond Global we recommend employers to assign  a full-time, in-house, authorized representative to handle their labour market opinion […]

Temporary Foreign Workers and Phoning Service Canada

Temporary Foreign Worker and Service Canada

Communicating with Service Canada About Your Temporary Foreign Worker It’s guaranteed to happen. Sometime during the LMO process for hiring a temporary foreign worker, you will need to contact Service Canada by phone about a variety of topics related to your application. Our recommendation? Set aside enough time to proceed through their call centre system […]

LMO Canada Advertising Requirements

LMO Canada Advertising Requirement

Core LMO Canada advertising requirements for lower skilled positions LMO Canada advertising requirements are in place to ensure all Canadians and permanent residents searching for a job are informed and aware of open positions.  Postings MUST have broad exposure to ensure employment opportunities are presented to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who may be potential […]

HRSDC LMO Requirements: It’s in the Details

Meet HRSDC LMO requirements

See what HRSDC LMO requirements Service Canada personnel are looking for in an application. It’s all in the details To meet HRSDC LMO requirements, employer applications should be highly detailed and contain only relevant information. The TFWP is intended to grant foreign worker employment only where Canadians cannot fill the need – and rightly so. […]

Temporary Foreign Workers Government Programs Webinar

temporary foreign worker goverment programs

Diamond Global’s recent webinar on selecting the right government program for hiring temporary foreign workers is now available on YouTube for you to watch or share with your colleagues. In this complimentary webinar, Benjamin Guth, Diamond Global’s Vice President, and Amy Phillips, Diamond Global’s Business Development Associate, leverage Diamond’s 25 years of international recruitment experience […]

LMO Processing Times: Expect Delays

A tip on LMO processing time

Plan ahead as LMO processing times and delays can be extensive. Be aware of permanent residency options and plan beyond the new four-year limit for your LMO. Starting in 2015, the federal government will be enforcing a new four-year rule. Candidates who have been in Canada for four years without documented evidence that they are on […]

Labour Market Opinion: Plan for it

Labour Market Opinion Planning and Forecasting

How the phrase “the early bird catches the worm” applies to planning your Labour Market Opinion application. With the federal government changes that came into effect July 2013 for the TFWP, defining a proper Labour Market Opinion (LMO) strategy has become more important than ever. The new fee requires employers to be more precise in […]