The Foreign Worker Success Plan

If you are a top performer in your field, we can help you find a job in Canada. Our proprietary process ensures that qualified candidates experience a smooth transition to a rewarding career in Canada.
1. Your Opportunity Path

You will be represented by professional, ethical recruiters who you can trust to invest their time and passion in your future. Afraid of being scammed by a recruiter who charges outrageous fees to find a job in Canada? Experience a partnership with Diamond Global. You will never pay a fee for job placement in Canada. Canada’s premier foreign recruitment firm delivers real job offers with Canada’s best companies.

2. Job Skills Advantage

Learn how to create a professional profile and to showcase your special talents using our unique interviewing skills process. Our team of highly trained coaches teaches you what it takes to excel and get hired. When you lack the confidence and skills to compete in a highly competitive job market, you need expert training and advice.

3. The Legal Guide

The Diamond Compliance System provides a seamless, stress free process to help you achieve your dream of Canadian employment. Are you eligible to work in Canada? Diamond Global’s licensed immigration consultants assess your credentials and determine if you can work in Canada legally. Applications for visas are over whelming. Mistakes can mean endless delays, causing employers to lose interest.

4. The Communication System

With clear and timely communication, our team will manage expectations and provide guidance. Our experts keep you informed every step of the way using our critical timelines tool. Knowing what to expect and when things will happen eliminates confusion and frustration. Our client managers build relationships between you and your new employer.

5. The Settlement Solution

Diamond provides you and your employer with the knowledge and resources you need to easily integrate into the Canadian workforce. Experience our customized Newcomer Orientation Program. Learning about Canadian culture, finance, healthcare, immigration options and employer expectations prepares you for the Canadian adventure and sets you on the path to success. Diamond Global applicants look forward to new and exciting opportunities instead of fearing the unknown.

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